Reclamation Plan

Project Materials

In June of 2020, CEMEX’s amended reclamation plan was unanimously approved by the Alameda County Planning Commission. The following materials were publicly available at the time.


CEMEX Collaterals:

CEMEX Project Fact Sheet

Video Simulation of CEMEX Reclamation and Trail Plan

CEMEX Lake A Reclamation Plan Presentation

CEMEX Presentation to Zone 7 Water Agency, August 21, 2019


County Documents:

Jan. 27, 2021  Notice of Availability of a Subsequent Environmental Impact Report for the Proposed Reclamation Plan Amendment for the Eliot Quarry Surface Mining Permit-23 (SMP-23) in Alameda County  (Information on public comment period and future public hearing)

The Draft SEIR and all supporting technical and reference documents

CEMEX Amended Reclamation Plan Application (March 2019)

Notice for June 26 (5:30pm) Lake A Briefing Meeting

CEMEX Lake A Reclamation Plan Presentation

Notice for June 26 (7:00pm) NOP Meeting for Subsequent Environmental Impact Report

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