Reclamation Plan

Lake A Reclamation Plan

While the adopted reclamation plan expressly prohibits mining at Lake A, CEMEX is required by state law and county code to restore Lake A to a near-natural state.  Our reclamation plan, often referred to as a “restoration plan,” is designed so that neighbors enjoy the benefits of the lake and open space for generations to come.

The plan calls for new landscaping with California native species that will be visually attractive and provide habitat for wildlife, and a new water conveyance system for the Zone 7 Water Agency. This new source of water will be conveyed to the water agency at no expense to ratepayers, all of which takes on added importance in times of drought.

All this requires intermittent construction over a two-year period, beginning as soon as 2022. Most projects will take approximately two weeks and some, 3 months.  Provided there are no project delays, Lake A could be conveyed to Zone 7 by as early as 2023.

When installing pipelines, berms and landscaping CEMEX will seek means to reduce intermittent construction impacts on neighbors, such as water trucks used to reduce dust and limit work to daytime hours. We encourage neighbors to click here to request project updates.   

This page will be updated as the reclamation plan is implemented at Lake A.

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