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As announced in August of 2017, CEMEX has abandoned its plan to resume mining at Lake A. As a consequence, the company is revising its reclamation plan.

The following are key elements of a revised reclamation plan that will be submitted to Alameda County in the coming months.

Retiring Lake A, and Transfer to Public Use

  • CEMEX is no longer pursuing a plan to resume mining at Lake A, one of several quarry pits at its Eliot Facility in Pleasanton, California.
  • CEMEX will now focus its efforts on preparing Lake A to meet reclamation requirements for its final transfer to the Zone 7 Water Agency as part of the Chain of Lakes upon sign-off by the State. Subject to approval of the revised reclamation plan, retirement of Lake A will occur after the installation of a water diversion structure from the Arroyo del Valle into Lake A and a pipeline from Lake A under Isabel Avenue.
  • The revised plan contemplates landscape and habitat improvements, returning the lands around Lake A to a more natural state with a public recreational bike and pedestrian trail on the south side of the lake.

Remainder of Eliot Facility

  • The revised reclamation plan will address the remainder of the Eliot facility located between Stanley Boulevard and Isabel Avenue. Under the revised plan, reclamation will occur concurrent with mining. This will accelerate the existing plan of transferring the site to the Zone 7 Water Agency in a condition that include lakes, open space, agriculture and recreational trails.
  • Once finished, Lake B will also be transferred to Zone 7 as the second link in the Chain of Lakes, providing water storage and groundwater recharge opportunities.  An approximately one-mile reach of the Arroyo del Valle south of Lake B, which is heavily disturbed and overrun with invasive species, will be realigned and restored to a more natural and diverse eco-system in coordination with wildlife agencies and riparian, wetland and upland habitat enhancements.
  • To the south of Lake B and the enhanced Arroyo Del Valle, CEMEX will develop a new recreational bike and pedestrian trail along Vineyard Avenue. The remainder of the property, including the Lake J area, processing plant sites, and surrounding lands will be returned to open space and agricultural uses, consistent with land uses that existed prior to the onset of mining and development in the area.


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